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Z-Push Changelog

Postby skummer » Mon Oct 15, 2007 5:36 am


Updated: 16.07.2009

Version 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2 (r185)
- fixed: android sends and receives emails correctly (general)
- added: slightly modified PEAR::Mail RFC822.php file to includes (general)
- fixed: remove a PEAR call from mimeDecode.php (general)
- changed: added a note regarding 'Mail' package (general)
- added missing global $protocolversion in SyncMail (general)
- fixed: iPhone sends headers different from other devices. Added a check for it (general)
- fixed: iPhone sends name part of an email address not in quotes which causes error when parsing it (general)
- changed: use HTTP 1.1 instead of 1.0 (it seems that ping works more reliable with 1.1) (general)
- added: svn:eol-style=native property to all files (general)
- added: debug which folder is beeing synchronised (general)
- reviewed code formatting (general)
- fixed: creating or renaming folders on a pda crashed z-push (ics)
- fixed: addresses weren't mapped correctly (ics)
- removed: FB update in MeetingResponse, it's always done on logoff (ics)
- changed: optimized freebusy update on logoff (ics)
- changed: set GMT times for meeting requests in ical (ics)
- changed: use another webpage property for contact to keep it in sync with the webaccess (ics)
- fixed: set the max date value to 2038-01-18 for recurrence end because gmmktime returns a negative value or 0 otherwise (ics)
- fixed: only quote full name once (iPhone)
- removed: unused local function getTimestampFromStreamerDate() (it's part of a ZPush_ical class) (ics)
- fixed: typo - missing "=" in if clause (maildir)

Version 1.2 -> 1.2.1 (r134)
- added: "stop ping" if exporter can not be configured (general)
- added: pid to debugLog (general)
- added: additional log entries when login fails (general)
- renamed: dtd tag "error" to "status" (general)
- created: w2ui and u2wi with iconv //TRANSLIT flag. Illegal chars will be translated to "?" or a similar char (general)
- call Backend->Logoff() after all data is sent back (fixes duplicate items caused by freebusy publish problems) (general)
- use STREAMER_TYPE_DATE_DASHES format to transmit contacts' birthday and anniversary (general)
- fixed: use STREAMER_TYPE_DATE_DASHES for dates in tasks (general)
- fixed: syncstate errormessage on first sync (general)
- save new syncstate when performing ImportMessageDeletion (general)
- added: buildAddressString function in order to show the concatenated address in outlook (ics)
- added: license text (ics/tnef)
- changed: use u2wi function before saving mapi properties (ics)
- changed: send a meeting response object when accepting/declining a meeting request instead of an email with ical attachment (ics/nokia/iPhone)
- changed: don't show "exporter found 0 changes" while waiting for ping (ics)
- changed: moved freebusy publish from ImportContentsChangesICS->GetState to BackendICS->Logoff (ics)
- fixed: correctly identify MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY on 64bit systems (ics)
- fixed: "umlauts" bug in home address (ics)
- fixed: configure state correctly in hierarchy importer (ics)
- fixed: initialize home address parts with an empty string in order to avoid a warning (ics)
- fixed: radiophonenumber was matched erroneous (ics)
- fixed: home address wasn't displayed in outlook if contact was created on the phone (ics)
- fixed: default reminder time in meeting requests showed wrong values (ics/iPhone)
- fixed: email entryid wasn't set properly for contacts (ics)
- fixed: use MAPI property ReminderTime (0x8502) instead of FlagDueBy (0x8560) as Task reminder time (ics/nokia)
- fixed: set missing task dateComplete property when task is completed (ics/nokia)
- fixed: use ", " as delimiter string for several emailaddresses (To,Cc..) instead of ";" (ics/iPhone)
- fixed: recurring meeting requests from pda are now shown correctly in outlook (ics)
- set correct ST_UID flag instead of FT_UID (imap)
- updated: vcarddir backend to use w2ui and u2wi functions (vcardir)

Version 1.1.1 -> 1.2 (r115)
- fix: replace php short open tags with regular tags (general)
- added default command for not implemented commands (e.g. Search) (general/iPhone)
- implemented add/change flag to ICS, Streamer, StreamerImporter and DiffBackend (general/iPhone/Treo680)
- fix: don't send new synckey when no changes have been imported or exported (fetch). State information weren't available. (general/iPhone)
- removed not php4 compatible method (general)
- relocated attachments-xml in mapping (general/iPhone)
- added client IP address to debug (general)
- implemented own TNEF parsing when sending mail (ics)
- added commonstart and commonend properties for meeting requests (ics/tnef)
- fixed: PT_APPTIME is of type double and is the right branch of switch now (ics/tnef)
- unset unused location's property (ics/tnef)
- added some checks to avoid warnings in the log output (ics/tnef)
- removed unused bin2float function (ics/tnef)
- fixed location bug (only first letter in outlook) (ics)
- added specific contact mapi properties to the ics backend (displayname, emailaddresstype, originalemailaddress, emailentryid) (ics)
- "Contacts created on Mobile Device are not shown on "TO" Button"-fix (ics)
- fix: sent the SYNC_NEW_MESSAGE flag to the importer when a message is created (ics)
- fix: update contacts displayname with first and lastname (ics)
- implemented second-level multipart message parsing of attachments (ics/iPhone)
- fix: if an email has no body an empty body is transmitted (ics/iPhone)
- fix: Move resulted in a error message (ics/iPhone)
- fix: exceptions from recurring items with special chars in the subject/location could break sync (ics)
- fix: special chars in organizername of appointments correctly encoded (ics)
- added isset-checks instead of simple checks for organiser fields (ics)
- fix: saving recurring items from pda with special chars in subject/location (ics)
- fix: set default conflict resolution (overwrite PIM) when not set by PDA (iPhone fix) (ics)
- remove organizer from appointment attendee list (ics)
- fix: sending email with special chars in the name (ics)
- normalizing exceptionstarttime before adding time (backward compatibility) (ics)
- fixed appointment exceptions addding time to "exceptionstarttime" (ics)
- fixed PHPContentsImportProxy footprint on Fetch adding SYNC_TRUNCATION_ALL (ics)
- update icon when forwarding or replying message (ics)
- fix: configured IMAP_SENTFOLDER is marked as TYPE_SENTMAIL in GetFolder() (imap)
- fix: fixed encoding transformation regexp sending mails (imap)
- a special "sent-folder" can be set in the configuration file for IMAP (imap)
- fixed: typo on diffbackend importer preventing imap from submitting changes (imap)
- fixed special chars in folder names are handled correctly (imap)
- added attachment disposition "inline" (imap)
- added debugLog when reOpening folder fails (imap)
- setting message flag to 0 if no flags are set (diffbackend)
- converting win <> utf8 of vcard fields (VCDir backend

Z-Push 1.1 -> Version 1.1.1 (r89)
- added version file and string in debug.txt
- moved utf-8 encode and decode functions to utils.php
- added default php path to include_path (billyperu)
- fixed initializing syncstate when using dummyfolder option with GetHierarchy (selsky)
- fixed memory consuption when parsing emails in imap backend (Enrice)
- fixed encoding issues when writing replying & forwarding mails in imap
- fixed encoding of subject

Z-Push 1.0 -> Version 1.1 (r87)
- fixed switched domain & user in index
- fixed error message on first "ping" when previous ping-defaults not yet exist
- ignore files/directories that aren't "php" files when loading backends
- fixed typo in occurrences properties (now with double r)
- implemented getHierarchy saving folder-ids for later requests in state directory (Treo 680)
- untightened order of wbxml tags when synching (Treo 680)
- implemented correct handling of 8bit encoding when sending mail (Treo 680)
- fix 'start' parameter for recurrence. Fixes weekly recurrence, amongst others.
- make sure we don't write 0-length compressed RTF
- fix allday recurring events both PDA->outlook and outlook->PDA
- fix timezone
- added vCalendar fix: sending an appointment per mail it will be handled as attachment (NOKIA)
- moved categories' declaration to the bottom of an array, because nokia parser seems to break if it can't handle a property (NOKIA)
- fixed empty body on reply/forward
- fixed encode/decode problem with RTF
- attendees always sent with SMTP address
- implemented getHierarchy() using getFolderList (thx to mjgroff)
- dummy contacts and calendar folder when not synchronized by backend (Treo 680)
- add write for vcard
- vCard changemessage filename & return stat fixes
- fix sending attachments from PDA
- removed domain trimming from imap backend
- also set from address when not empty from header is sent from the pda
- fixed body truncation (valid UTF-8)
- set "Return-Path" when sending mail
- check if php-imap module is available

Z-Push RC4 -> Version 1.0 (r41)
- fixed some typos (ICS<->IMAP) (config.php)
- added errno to output in zarafa_error_handler (debug.php)
- added empty return array in _boundarySplit (mimeDecode.php)
- Added support for multiple-meetingrequest-responses
- Added the rtf (PR_RTF_COMPRESSED) property to synchronize modifications of the body/description on tasks, appointments and contacts
- implmented workaround for missing lastname; we put the fullname in the lastname if required (contacts)
- fixed: fixed tentative & decline behaviour on meeting-request-responses
- fixed: outgoing multipart/alternative mails are sent correctly now (body was empty before)
- fixed: correct property set when pda creates multiple e-mail addresses for a contact
- fixed: typos accessing $this->_defaultstore
- fixed: correct convert w1252<->utf8 in attendee names
- fixed: double-convert to utf-8 in ICS backend
- fixed body truncation: truncate message BEFORE conversion to utf-8
- fixed fetch on "Mail for Exchange": Fetch replies now go into 'replies' section, not in 'perform'
- fixed enddate setting of recurring calendar items
- Added support for alternative "from"-header values if sendEmail is called without from-header
- Added error supression on all imap-functions
- Added lots of isset()-checks on parameters
- implemented: showing all imap-errors at logout -> prevents calling zarafa-error-handler on imap_close()

Z-Push RC3 -> RC4 (r22)
- Fixed trying to set php timeout (general)
- Fixed minor comment about PEAR in INSTALL (general)
- Added correct handling of exception data (protocol)
- Added truncation flags+support (protocol/all backends)
- Fixed ICS exceptions (ICS backend)
- Fixed parsing exception start date (ICS backend)
- Softdelete messages by default (ICS backend)
- Fixed handling in frontend for multiple moves (ICS backend)
- Fixed undefined flag (ICS backend)
- Fix for deletions breaking UIDs and therefore doing strange things (grl/Bas) (IMAP backend)
- Fixed indenting (IMAP backend)
- Fixed read/unread flags (grl) (IMAP backend)
- Fixed 'seen' flag on imap messages being TRUE all the time (IMAP backend)
- Fixed include of RFC822 (should fix sending email in some cases) (IMAP backend)
- Fixed multi-level folders (IMAP backend)
- Implemented ChangeFolder for folder creation (IMAP backend)
- Fixed missing 'FT_PREFETCHTEXT' in GetMessage() (IMAP backend)
- Fixed typo (config)

Z-Push RC2 -> RC3
- added $backend->Logoff() - so it's possible that the backend closes all open connections (all backends)
- removed redundant slashes in paths of state related functions (statemachine.php)
- renamed SendMessage()-Method to SendMail() to be compatible with request.php (all diff-backends)
- fixed GetAttachmentData() (data is now written directly on stream) (maildir-backend)
- default timezone setting was added to config.php - please configure this for your needs
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